Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Random Things to be Happy About

I am sure anyone who reads my blog knows I usually only post when I'm pissed at something. I've had a fairly smooth, if stressful (in an expected sort of way) past several weeks, so there has been no posting. In the name of updates, I am grateful for the following things:

1) My friends rock. They just do.
2) My school is a shitload of work but everything is going smoothly, including finding care for my kids while I'm there (Fran has gotten paid vacation for the onsites so far)
3) My son has not been fed dairy in over a month
4) I got good food at Ginos for free the other night
5) The woodstove is working perfectly and keeping my house warm and cozy
6) There are preggo people to obsess quietly over

Oh, I think there's a bunch more but you get the idea. Nothing to blog home about and all ;) but things were more or less going smoothly. Or maybe I just lacked the energy to blog about irritations that were, all in all, pretty petty.

I mean, really, I could fill a full-page censor-black-box with my rant on my washing machine (high maintainence piece of shit, its off balance buzzer is going right now...). But nah, that would require energy. Energy that I am conserving. Just wait for the PMS show...come to think of it, are my entries that predictably cyclical? Holy cow, the SECRET to vent-based blogging. Just don't even bother when you're not PMSing.

Random Vent at my Husband

Just HOW FUCKING HARD would it be to close the fucking door when you brush your teeth in the morning? How fucking hard?! That's two mornings in a row you woke me up before the kids got up. FUCKING DAMNIT. I'm so tired, and tonight when I crash and the baby is still doing hyperactive helicopter-armed circles around the living room and YOU wanted to sleep "early" because you have to get up "early," I am SO JUST GOING TO SLEEP AND LETTING YOU DEAL WITH IT.