Wednesday, August 22, 2007

8 Things Tag

I've been tagged!!! Louisa over at Mamamidwifemadness got me. I'm really not so great with these types of things, because I never know what to say, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

RULES - Post rules before giving the facts - Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules - At the end of the your blog you need to tag eight people and list their names - Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

1. I love that my kids grow and change and get bigger and older. This does not make me sad, like it seems to do for so many other mamas I know. I do not know if I will regret this later (this lack of feeling like I have to hold on to what is/what was) but somehow I think that it enriches, rather than takes away from, my current parenting experience.

2. I detest being wet in my clothing. This doesn't exactly make me a model Seattle citizen. Fran makes fun of this all the time - yes, I do need to change when a bit of my shirt gets wet. Getting my socks wet sends a shiver of revulsion up my spine. Yes, I love to swim. I just want to be DRY when I'm supposed to be DRY. I love the sound of rain, but standing in it? notsomuch.

3. I am terrified that I don't have the interpersonal and networking skills that I need to be a midwife. That I lack adequate and acceptable personality. I'm pretty certain I can cut it academically, but if nobody would want to be my client at the end of it, what good is that? Sometimes I feel like I've got all the personality of a rock, and am utterly astounded that I have friends at all.

4. I have always been sure that I wasn't cut out to be all womanly-like. And here I am enjoying wearing skirts, reasonably good at sewing, cooking-cleaning-folding, and getting ready to be a midwife. I'm seriously considering learning how to knit. Holy hell, what happened?

5. I actually enjoy getting up before everyone else in the house. Getting coffee in peace and quiet. Sitting at the computer and not thinking about kids for a few minutes. If I don't get up before the kids, I feel frazzled and out of sorts at least until noon. If I do get up before them, we can usually get out of the house by 9 or so without stressing anyone out too badly.

6. I love sweaters. And socks. Especially nice high ones that come to my knees, and are soft but not fluffy. Mmmmm comfy.

7. Um, I'm one of the friends in this competition:

I'm a cheapskate who has a fondness for expensive things (like Jane), but I have turned frugality into a competitive sport. Unlike the average American, my family and friends and I compare notes on how little we paid for the things we bring into our homes. I am embarrassed sometimes by the things I badly want, but I also know I won't spend the money for those things.

It's true. One of my greatest accomplishments was spending 15 cents for two bags of stuff at Staples back-to-school sale last year. I pretty much have no money, 'cause we're damn poor, but we like Hanna Andersson and wouldn't be caught dead in cheap yeah, this requires a certain level of creativity. It looks, sometimes, like I shop impulsively. But what I really do is take a mental inventory of the things that I want/kinda-need and then sit on it for MONTHS, until I happen upon the exact thing at the exact price I need. And then I just buy it with little more to-do about it. The only thing that I'd change is that I'm pretty certain there's nothing I want that I feel embarrassed about wanting. Which feels all good and non-materialistic and shit. Or maybe it just means I'm shameless. Or good at justifying stuff. Whatever.

8. I often sit down in front of the computer when I feel overwhelmed. Which means that all my digital-format schoolwork is nice and organized, but my kitchen counter is a phenomenal disaster. I mean, seriously, a huge disaster. It would probably take me a good half-hour to clean the thing off, an hour if I found appropriate places for all the bits of electronic equiptment Fran has dumped on the portion of the counter adjacent to the computer desk. *Sigh*

I can't tag anyone, because it looks like others have beat me to the punch on all the blogs I read regularly. That's what I get for stalling on this one.

Oooh, wait, I don't think Aimee has done this one yet. Aimee, you're tagged :).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Turn

To have too much to sensibly update. But I'm going to go ahead and try anyway.

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 12th.

Clinic on the 13th.

I had an interview with a possible preceptor on the 14th. It went well but she has three other students to interview, all of them with more experience than I have.

One gloriously empty day - I think - on Wednesday. I may have squandered it by going to Target with three children. Definitely more stress than my new shirt - which Toddlerness stole before we even got out of the store - was worth. Although I did manage to get the necessities purchased. I also tried on Wednesday to reorganize my coursework from last year - the Midwifery Care learning objectives are now in a nice outlined and indexed format.

On Thursday (16th) I left early and babysat ~L~s kids all day. Slept over in a tent, watched them again the next day. The kids were great. I was tired and crabby on Friday. Left ~L~s and met Fran at the Rose Garden at Point Defiance. If my local peoples haven't been there, they should - it is beautiful. We had a nice lunch right in the middle of one of the gardens, and then walked around the zoo.

And then, as if I hadn't had enough driving for one week, we (~L~, Mack and I) decided on the spur of the moment to go to the Renaissance Faire in Gig Harbor. It was SO WORTH IT. The kids had a blast and all they could talk about coming home was how much they wanted to go back next year and how cool it would be to go in costumes next time. When Fran got home from work, the kids stayed up with him and jabbered away about all the things they'd seen. Until like 11pm, because they're nuts like that. I got piteously few photos because it was crowded and we had excited kids to keep track of (um, no offense ladies, but I think I'm doing this one as a family and not a herd next year), but here they are:

The two in red right up front are Girliness and Boyness. This guy was hillarious.

This was Boyness' favorite part of the whole experience - the mock battle. Boyness was actually really good at this, and was a really good sport (which made me very happy, because a year ago he'd have tried to ignore rules and thrown fits over not winning every match). Facing off Mack's 7yo boy:

Girliness and Boyness battle!

Girliness' favorite part of the day - a storytelling troupe!

Toddlerness' favorite part of the day - dancing to the bagpipes in the grotto!

A link to the faire's website:

A link to the band that the kids liked so much:

The whole thing was highly entertaining and I will definitely be dragging Fran to this next year.