Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Turn

To have too much to sensibly update. But I'm going to go ahead and try anyway.

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 12th.

Clinic on the 13th.

I had an interview with a possible preceptor on the 14th. It went well but she has three other students to interview, all of them with more experience than I have.

One gloriously empty day - I think - on Wednesday. I may have squandered it by going to Target with three children. Definitely more stress than my new shirt - which Toddlerness stole before we even got out of the store - was worth. Although I did manage to get the necessities purchased. I also tried on Wednesday to reorganize my coursework from last year - the Midwifery Care learning objectives are now in a nice outlined and indexed format.

On Thursday (16th) I left early and babysat ~L~s kids all day. Slept over in a tent, watched them again the next day. The kids were great. I was tired and crabby on Friday. Left ~L~s and met Fran at the Rose Garden at Point Defiance. If my local peoples haven't been there, they should - it is beautiful. We had a nice lunch right in the middle of one of the gardens, and then walked around the zoo.

And then, as if I hadn't had enough driving for one week, we (~L~, Mack and I) decided on the spur of the moment to go to the Renaissance Faire in Gig Harbor. It was SO WORTH IT. The kids had a blast and all they could talk about coming home was how much they wanted to go back next year and how cool it would be to go in costumes next time. When Fran got home from work, the kids stayed up with him and jabbered away about all the things they'd seen. Until like 11pm, because they're nuts like that. I got piteously few photos because it was crowded and we had excited kids to keep track of (um, no offense ladies, but I think I'm doing this one as a family and not a herd next year), but here they are:

The two in red right up front are Girliness and Boyness. This guy was hillarious.

This was Boyness' favorite part of the whole experience - the mock battle. Boyness was actually really good at this, and was a really good sport (which made me very happy, because a year ago he'd have tried to ignore rules and thrown fits over not winning every match). Facing off Mack's 7yo boy:

Girliness and Boyness battle!

Girliness' favorite part of the day - a storytelling troupe!

Toddlerness' favorite part of the day - dancing to the bagpipes in the grotto!

A link to the faire's website:

A link to the band that the kids liked so much:

The whole thing was highly entertaining and I will definitely be dragging Fran to this next year.


Marie said...

How cool, never been to a fair like that. Looks like fun. Good pic's too.

~L~ said...

LOL! Herd indeed!

It was only like that because it was the final weekend AND we showed up way late.

Going the first or second weekend AND going early relieves a lot of what we experienced (like the dust...and the crowds....and the nasty portapotties).

Of course, next year it will be much larger too! WOOOOOT!

Marie said...

OK blame ~L~ You ahve been Tagged :)

*d* said...

Looks like fun to me! Glad I could join you! LOL

~L~ said...