Sunday, January 25, 2009

Head Above Water

Three births last week. Our "not busy, taking it easy" month. There are more women in dates, only one of them actually overdue, but I have felt curiously at ease about this weekend not involving any of them.

I am feeling like a real idiot at times in this new practice. A lot of that is about not knowing how they think some things should be handled and some of that is about getting thrown a few situations I've never seen before, but that are so common that my preceptors have assumed I'd know what I was doing.

Went to an NNR renewal course on Thursday, and school on Friday, but then got home early enough to go out with ~L~, something that pretty much never happens and was really great for my mental health. I did assorted house things and grocery shopping things and played tennis with the kids yesterday (Saturday), and today I am stubbornly refusing to leave the house until the Christmas stuff is properly stowed away in neat plastic bins. Currently writing while eating hummus and very salty chips. Listening to Bob Marley and packing away Christmas decorations. Entertaining.

I lost a chunk of my senior paper when my computer died (like, it won't even power on) last week. That hurts so bad that I'm not even wallowing about it, I'm just trying not to poke at that bruise until it is mostly healed.

Pondering whether I might manage to go to Vanuatu after all.

Busy beyond busy. School assignments are falling by the wayside in the desperate scramble to get enough time with my family to make this whole thing tolerable. Somehow managing to find time for most of the things I need to do, but no energy left to think about the future, something that I really do need to get around to.