Monday, August 31, 2009


"They" (I'm not sure who, but a lot of people, so "they") say that baking is more like a science than an art. Like it's chemistry.

Bah, I've always thought, as any of my friends can tell you. On those somewhat rare occasions when I find enough time to bother cooking, I certainly don't have the energy to worry about things like where the tablespoon is. If baking is like chemistry, than I'm more an experimental chemist than a lab tech; maybe not so bad as the truly nutso 60's-70s "what will this do to the brain, better try it on myself!" sort, since I have yet to do anything truly ridiculous (like try to put bacon in chocolate chip cookies...yes folks, it HAS been done).

And then I made PERFECT chocolate chip cookies. Seriously completely totally perfect. A little bitty batch, just enough for the family to eat while they watch a movie. And, of course, no recipe.

BAH! I didn't even have a base recipe this time! No chance of recapturing this magic, ever!

Ah well, forward. The next time I have the inclination to bake, I think we'll be mucking about with brownie batter. Maybe I'll pay a little more attention to what I'm putting in the bowl, but somehow I doubt it. What's life without a little peril, after all?