Friday, May 01, 2009

It's funny

How doing way too much clinic can make an onsite week seem like a walk in the park. And allow a few literal walks in the park, too. I missed just one birth, someone who wasn't particularly attached to me (I like her, just don't have any special connection).

Fighting off a UTI and hoping that the weekend is easy on me.

Meanwhile, last week we challenged (dairy-allergic) boyness with a milkshake after 4 years of dairy avoidance and 6 months since his last exposure...and he didn't react. He turned around and told his Nana that he didn't react, who went ahead and overdid the dairy. And now this evening I can't tell if he's acting like a little ass because he had many dairy things to eat or because he just came back from his spoil-them-rotten-can't-say-no Nana's house.

He is not the only child to get on my nerves lately. It has taken Girliness three days (not counting the sleepover days at Nana's) to fold *one load* of laundry and get it out of the living room. I don't need that shit. Just fold your laundry, Girliness, and we can get down to the fun parts of our lives.