Saturday, January 06, 2007

Go With the Flow

Yup, 'tis arrived.

Just in case anyone was wondering.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Nomi, Poteee! YAAAAAAAYYY!!!!

So, only L will really understand how funny this is.

Nomi peed in her potty four times yesterday evening. Without reminders or cajoling. Just kind of walked over and did it. Said YAY! walked happily with me to the bathroom to dump it out and rinse it, and went on with life. Like she'd been doing it all along.

This is mainly hillarious because I wasted about an hour and a half of my life yesterday MORNING searching for new diaper covers for the toddler I was SURE had no interest whatsoever in potty learning right now.

Period Due Yesterday

Yes, the title says almost-it-all. I'm not particularly worried about being pregnant, for a couple reasons:

1) I'm PMSing, cramping, and headaching, none of which are pregnancy symptoms for me. My biggest early pregnancy symptom has been bloating, in all three pregnancies, and this isn't something that's going on with me right now.
2) Sex happened so far off ovulation this month that it would have to be the will of some really evil godlike creature-thing if I am, indeed, pregnant. I can't imagine that any sort of reasonable and NICE god would think that I should be pregnant right now. You know that saying "God never gives you more than you can handle?" Well, I'd lose my shit. Niki-loses-her-shit-for-real (and not just on an internet rant) is a scary, scary thing that people who know me don't want to see.

OK, so maybe I am worried about being pregnant. But more because it would really suck than because I think it's true. It's more like a sitting-here-musing-about-it-while-waiting-for-a-sudden-gush-of-red-stuff issue, though.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Barnes and Noble


I am so mad. So, so mad. People-who-know-me-would-step-away mad. Give me my fucking books, you lame-ass lying bastard fucktard idiots mad. You made a mistake and you should pay for it in BLOOD mad.

OMG, I am so mad.

If Barnes and Noble was a person, his ears would be ringing so hard his head would blow up.


My little sister is coming to visit next week!

I haven't seen her in, like, a YEAR?! What's up with THAT? When you grow up with people, I guess you never really imagine that you'll not see them for a year (actually a tad more) at a time. We used to share a bed *sigh* and ninja-girl kicked me senseless each night *sigh* meeemorriiiiiieeeessss......

In other news, I made the phenominally stupid mistake of taking off my overshirt and undressing the Christmas tree in a spaghetti-strap shirt. Yes, it was hot. But yes, I should have been smart enough to realize that if my hands were welting and itchy from handling the tree while I was putting it up....why yes, my arms itch like mad now, all the way up to the shoulders. Ooowwwiieieeeeee. Better this morning than last night.

I finally thought of a New Year's Resolution for myself. Don't do stupid things.

We'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Fuckers over at Barnes and Noble completely and totally DIDN'T DO AS THEY SAID THEY WOULD and haven't even SENT my books yet.

I am so, so pissed.

Schoolish Update

So the courses are up *breathe, breathe*. I am reading articles and starting to feel more normal, if still a bit pissed because the early AM is the only time I can read in any kind of large volume without getting distracted and retain it all, so my opportunity for today is shot.

Anyway, the PMS monster is rearing her ugly head. If you couldn't tell from that last post.

In other news, when you try to give a 5yo a haircut and he doesn't hold anything even closely resembling STILL, the results are less than perfect. And now looking at his lopsided gourd is going to drive me NUTS. How to fix to fix it...I don't think he wants it shaved...

This Quarter Starting, Or What?

So I still only have about 1/5th of my books for this quarter, and today is supposedly the start date.

But there's nothing new on the website. So WTFever. Here I was ready to go searching for the materials for the first week (while the one-week shipping takes three weeks to get to me...I'm assured it will be here "soon") but there's nothing to do.

I still don't even have grades for Nutrition...not just the final grade, that would be bad enough, but for anything past the midpoint of the quarter or so. Now, I think that this is solely the fault of a very lazy excuse-making instructor, but it reflects badly on the school as well.

And there's nothing new on the website. Not: here's your syllabi that we were supposed to have LAST week. Not: well, here's the first week so you guys don't feel like you're being left in the dark. Nothing.

And I'm fucking pissed.

The "it's the new WebCT, the new WebCT sucks, whine whine whine" excuse will only carry you so far people. As far as I'm concerned, you've NEVER had your shit together. And it is getting old. You can only expect so much from your students when you're not displaying any accountability in return. As far as I'm, this isn't the start of the quarter. When you get me my fucking classes, THAT is the start of the quarter. Which means that NO, money is NOT due today.