Friday, January 05, 2007

Period Due Yesterday

Yes, the title says almost-it-all. I'm not particularly worried about being pregnant, for a couple reasons:

1) I'm PMSing, cramping, and headaching, none of which are pregnancy symptoms for me. My biggest early pregnancy symptom has been bloating, in all three pregnancies, and this isn't something that's going on with me right now.
2) Sex happened so far off ovulation this month that it would have to be the will of some really evil godlike creature-thing if I am, indeed, pregnant. I can't imagine that any sort of reasonable and NICE god would think that I should be pregnant right now. You know that saying "God never gives you more than you can handle?" Well, I'd lose my shit. Niki-loses-her-shit-for-real (and not just on an internet rant) is a scary, scary thing that people who know me don't want to see.

OK, so maybe I am worried about being pregnant. But more because it would really suck than because I think it's true. It's more like a sitting-here-musing-about-it-while-waiting-for-a-sudden-gush-of-red-stuff issue, though.


~L~ said...


I have to say I wil be here for you no matter what.


Better you than me!!!!!!!!!

I will run away now, Thank you.

Louisa said...

Nik. Well ,with the insane quantity of shit which we have going on right now... I'm not the slightest bit surprised that you ovulated late. Watch out girl. Them babies is catching you know.
Xx Louisa