Thursday, June 17, 2010

Walking, walking, walking

Today we walked from our house to a big neighborhood park, 1.5 miles each way. Chubble in the wrap facing forward and wide awake on the way there, facing in and sleeping on the way back. Totally doable. Awesome. 3 miles = no obstacle for me and the kids.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Last week Aunty B and Uncle P visited :). She got pictures and I didn't, very strange. We had a very good visit despite the angsty PNW weather. The kids were THRILLED to see their Aunt and Uncle, and didn't act like complete asses the way they had during the last visit. They got a little wrapped up into our normal YMCA/music lessons/etc schedule, but we did manage a trip out to IKEA, some thrift store shopping, and a day at the Pacific Science Center. And then as we were dropping them off at the airport the sun came out and hasn't really gone away since.

I feel like the dog on Over the Hedge. "Play?! Play?! PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY" (I looked on youtube for a clip just in case somebody didn't "get" that, but no go) I must be annoying the living heck out of my friends. If I haven't gotten you yet don't worry, either I or Francesco will be right on that the next time we have an impulse to go beaching or parking or hiking or whatever-it's-SUNNY-OUT-ing.

Yesterday the kids and I walked a mile out (another mile back) down our street, collecting a full bag of plantain and chickweed to dry out. Today, we went on a bitty hike at McCormick Creek; we came home, at lunch, and I shuttled Francesco and the kids out the door for their Y classes. I am TIRED. Really, I'm not sure whether I'm being coherent at the moment or not.

Chubble is growing and, well, chubble-ing. It's not uncommon to hear "look Mom, she's chubbling on me!" from the big kids, meaning that she's looking around not doing much of anything. She's getting to my favorite part, when they start looking at you and smiling, trying to figure their hands out and whacking themselves in the faces. I love the weird faces, the cooing gurgling "conversations" (Chubble is either the most conversational of my kids, or I've completely forgotten this stage for the others), the feeling of a more interactive baby when you pick her up and hold her. There is a different "feel" to them when they start cooperating with you while you move them around, and I really love that. We're to the point where I can scoop her up with one hand now (this always seems to freak first-time parents out).

I think we'll keep her.

Yesterday we tried out various carrying methods for our walk, and the best option is still a face-in front wrap. I am anxious for her to grow into her backpack carrier.

I am also TOTALLY ready for her to make friends with her car seat. I can put her in there happy and gurgling, and in a few short minutes she'll be red-faced and sweaty from screaming her little head off. Sometimes she decides, seemingly at random, that the car seat is fine after all, and she'll look around the car happily for the 15-20 minutes it takes us to drive anywhere of consequence. More of that, please.