Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I know that the world is full of people like me. When we wake up every day (or before we go to bed, personality depending) we have a few moments of laziness and we think about how our day is going to unfold. We create expectations for ourselves, for people around us, even for the freaking weather. On all but the rarest of days, those expectations are not met.

We have the ability as adults to put it in perspective, to view each failure against who we are now and the decades we've spent learning about putting lenses on our experiences and seeing them as small bits of ourselves without letting them be overwhelming. It's a little hard to understand when our kids can't do that.

They're kids, though, and they have strange moments of extreme connectedness to things we're scared of, but also monstrous flights of fancy. They're going to have expectations that their world can't meet. What do we do with that?