Saturday, February 20, 2010

In which Niki nests...but not in her own home (updated)



That's me. Hard to see the extent of my belly. That was not an intentional pose; I had just finished using the hammer/prybar to take up some carpet tacking and was thinking about how I was going to haul my quite-heavy rear up off the floor, when ~L~ caught me sitting like that and ran for the camera.

The next day, the only real after-effect is a little tightness in the ass muscles from the squatting/bending. Still, I was happy to move my blanket around the yard (keeping it in the patches of sunlight) and watch the kids zoom around on wheeled objects of various sorts (rollerblades, scooters, bikes, skates) while ~L~ and Mr. P painted the now-bare floor.

More During (I didn't get any pictures of the completely empty room, but you get the idea):


The room still needs rugs to be placed, but the furniture and school stuff is all there! Woot!

I should totally do our own schoolroom/den now, but nah. We start a new Y session today. And I don't feel like it.