Saturday, January 29, 2011

DITL 1/27/2011

I've been wanting to do one of these for a while, but could never seem to remember early enough in the day. So when, two days ago, I remembered only a few minutes after waking up, I thought "why not?" Here follows a totally unremarkable day in my (and my kids') life. Taking pictures of everylittlething was totally easy, what is a PITA is the chunk of day it's taking to post about it.

So. 7:30. Francesco has left for work, I'm up, and the baby is still asleep:

I head to the kitchen to get my coffee started.

And then to the den to move furniture around a little. I'd steam-cleaned the carpet the day before, and the chairs and small bookshelves had been shoved into the laundry room to make space, so I brought them back out while I was waiting for the coffee to finish.

It's done now, computer time.

The baby is awake now, she shares the beans that I'm eating for breakfast (I'd looked through the fridge, nothing appealed...grabbed the beans...)

She wants some of my water too.

Of course.

Meanwhile, the big kids are waking up and eating breakfast, and have settled into playing the Wii for a little bit while I'm trying to do computer-y things downstairs.

But the baby is needy :)

And distracting.

It's starting to lighten up outside.

And it's time for the kids to get off the Wii and do some work, but first we need to go from this:

To this:

The girls do math (Boyness has elected reading time in his room).

Nummies again.

And another round of playing.

And we're out.

It's 11:30, and I'm starting lunch.

And switching some laundry.

We're playing musical rugs today. I hated the white/green one that had been in the den, so we're getting rid of it. The red one from under the dining table is temporarily in the kitchen, because I need to steam clean it and I'm scared it will turn the cream-colored carpet under it pink.

So it's not under the dining table anymore.

So the one that used to be on the living room floor goes there.

And then we break for lunch.

The baby is still asleep, so I start steam cleaning.

Chubble wakes up.

Girliness starts packing for a sleepover she's going to tonight.

It's over an hour since we started lunch and BittyPrincess is still eating. This is typical for her.

I am SO SICK of the big boxes in the living room, but the kids love their box village. We're getting rid of them soon...

Boyness and BB...(they're actually really sweet together usually...)

A little bit of knitting time.

Before ditching Chubble with Girliness.

And heading off to the shower myself, finally, at 1pm.

We're about ready to leave the house and do some errands, but first I switch the laundry.

And pack the backpack.

And gather the library returns.

To the car!

Aw, fuck.

It's 1:55 and we're finally actually out of the house.

At the library.

We check out and leave within 5 minutes of getting there.

We go to Goodwill to drop off stuff. We go in to look around, but leave without buying anything.

At Home Depot, we meet ~L~ and family.

I get scrap stuff to fix the girls' dressers.

And we say goodbye to Girliness.

I gather the remaining offspring, and we head off to Target.

I am very glad that Chubble sits in a cart now, because she's really heavy...

Our Target haul:

And on to Office Depot.

Our Office Depot haul:

Phew, home.

Laundry again.

Unloading the van.

Chubble is tired.

And then she's asleep. It's 5:45 pm.

I start up the computer again, and try to get onto the DSHS New Provider Enrollment system again.

Just after seeing this highly satisfying message...

...Chubble wakes up complaining.

So I give up for the time being and start dinner. I'm just making some spinach to go alongside the leftover spaghetti we're eating.

Chubble, wrestling with noodles.

The kids go back to playing Wii for a little while so that I can work on my applications.

I get started. The site is up! OMG!!! I'd better hurry before the stupid thing crashes again!!! I grab my assorted not-very-well-organized official-papers-and-bills-and-stuff basket.

Of course, I get help.

But I don't care. Because I get that online enrollment done. Finally. Nursing time.

=recreational computer time for me.

She's done, so I go sort through the new office supplies.

Meanwhile, BittyPrincess is STILL eating.

The red carpet is dry now. So the den has no carpet...

...and then it has a carpet! And Francesco gets home, so it has one of those too. Plus it's about time to start cleaning up for the evening, so the den gets tidied.

I do some dishes. Technically it's Girliness' turn, but she's away for the night.

Francesco takes the kids off to get ready for bed; it's 9:45.

I get the dining room clean.

And then the kitchen.

The kids are reading with Francesco:

I grab the baby and get her down for the night.

Oh yeah, the laundry.

I fold and watch a show.

And then off to bed, myself.