Friday, April 13, 2007


Toddlerness is teething again. And she's actually doing it somewhat gracefully. I didn't even notice it, in fact, until ~l~ mentioned that her toddler was teething and I thought "hmm, Toddlerness has been a tad contrary this past week." I thought it was pretty normal toddler behavior, actually. For Toddlerness, who has always treated teething as a full-contact sport, the very fact that her molars coming in could escape my notice is absolutely stunning. By the time ~l~'s observations prompted my little adventure into toddler mouth spelunking, Toddlerness had sprouted two new bottom teeth and the top ones were pressing their way out of her gums.

Now, not all of my children have been as dramatic as toddlerness. In fact, the only way I could ever tell Boyness was teething was that my nipples would hurt a little as his latch would change. Girliness was the model of stoicism. Nevermind teething, you couldn't tell she was sick until you touched her and your hands blistered. No worries, she's grown out of that. was this teething thing that had us sleeping, me on my side with toddlerness reclined against my belly, Fran on his back with toddlerness' feet wedged under his arm, for most of the night last night. Apparently it isn't bad enough that she'll yell about it (I'd give her motrin for that) but she DID cast herself all over the damn bed every couple of hours trying to get comfy (which looked suspiciously like "uncomfy" from my point of view, but whatever, she was sleeping).

Thursday, April 12, 2007


"Nomi, what a big pee you're making!" (as toddlerness proves she has the bladder of steel by filling her potty....)
"No!" - looks horrified - "no BIG pee!"
"OK hon, that's a cute little pee you made this morning!"
"yeah, yeah cute pee yeah."

Oh, the princessness of it all...