Friday, December 04, 2009


Yes, I am posting this nearly 4 weeks after we actually went to zoolights. Don't get too down on me, now, I *am* posting.

We went (as it seems we do every year) on a whim. The PDZA has changed their policy and apparently members have to pay 50% of the admission fee now. BOOOOOO HISSSSSSSS NOT HAPPY. Really not cool of you Zoo. Maybe half price the second time you go, but FFS, I have a membership to this zoo and you'd think if it was open I could use it.

Anyway, despite having to pay for admission, we still appreciated that it was a gorgeous, clear, not-too-cold night. Full moon and all.

The zoo had even more lights than last time around, and even more of them were the new superbright LEDs. New this year, a tunnel of rapidly flashing rainbow-strips of lights. Very rapidly flashing. We stood under it for a while just to make sure the kids didn't have any seizure disorders we hadn't known about. Nobody lost consciousness, so I feel like we can pretty safely mark "no" for that bit of their medical histories for the forseeable future.

The zoo was gorgeous, the kids were highly Christmas-spirited, and we came home to have hot cocoa and revel in the oh-the-Decemberness of it all.