Friday, June 01, 2007

Park, Beach, Missed Dad

We decided to meet up with ~L~ and crew for some glorious-day fun yesterday. We went to the park!

(where's your nose, toddlerness?)

We went to the beach!

He's so excited he's LEVITATING!!! OK, so seriously, I did not edit this photo. Click for larger version.

We went to the zoo (and didn't take any pictures!)

And I missed my dad being in Seattle, 'cause I wasn't expecting him to be available and I'd just driven an hour and a half and didn't think it would be quite fair to load the kids back up in the car for another long trip, especially as they'd just started to have fun with their friends. That was a bummer, but at least we didn't misconnect and then have a shitty day or something. It was an awesome, glorious day. And hopefully my dad (and the rest of my family - I miss them all) will be able to come and spend a couple of glorious, awesome days with us soon.

Today is another lovely day. We've already done some beading (Becca and Naomi) and reading (me - "Healing Passage, a Midwife's Guide to the Care and Repair of the Tissues Involved in Birth" - a book which curiously combines the clearest advice I've read so far with a tendency to use words like "yoni" rather than "vagina" and, particularly snort-inducingly, "clitorotomy" instead of "episiotomy"). More fun to come, I'm sure.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cool Stuff...

Wild Toddler Spotting (and other pictures)

We spotted a wild toddler through the window:

While the kids put together a LEGO RC car.

View from just outside my front door, the garden in front of the house (Tomato, cabbages, a couple kinds of lettuce, broccoli, onion - that's the blank-looking area - and you can kinda see the apple/nutmeg scented geranium at the bottom):

Even the storm wreckage looks pretty:

Boyness goofs off:

OK, so it doesn't look pretty, but I SWEAR that letting the chickweed grow around the tomato and pepper plants - once the plants are taller than the chickweed will get - keeps the ground from drying out. And I SWEAR that there are tomato and pepper plants in there. And in the second partition, there are strawberries (there I don't let the chickweed grow). In the round thing on the right, there is a ton-ish volume of mint.



I swear there's a garden in there, just have to pull it out...there are beds around the edges, and I planted in them (lavender, curry, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, potato, cantaloupe, watermellon, cucumber, squash, pumpkin, onion) but they're hiding behind the summer overgrowth of the regular forest-clearing flora.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Holiday Weekends SUCK

Fran had Friday off. Great, I thought, there are a billion things we can go do!! Um, no. The rest of the world had the day off too.

I love going places while nobody else is there (or relatively few anybody-elses are). Antisocial, whatever, I just don't like dealing with the masses. I'll take that parking spot right next to the zoo entrance and the picnic lawn to myself, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, I felt grounded this weekend. We went off to have some fun with M and her family, and helped friends move, and I misconnected with Aimee (which I feel really bad about, my fault for not calling early enough). And I'm still grounded today. Suckage.

Meanwhile, I have been procrastinating my schoolwork, and then Fran reformatted the computer and now I can't finish it off and turn it in. It's there, I just can't open it until he figures out office - but with all the friend-moving and such this weekend, and dinner scheduled with his mom tonight, it is not getting done. I am not fond of writing assignments in Notepad. And can't get the half-done ones open anyhow.

Whine, whine, whine!

But on a much, much happier note, I was semi-awakened (we were laying around in bed half-awake) by a very happy, very newborn-inspired phone call this morning. YAY new babies! I can't wait for the whole story :). OK, I can. Enjoy that babymoon, mama :)