Friday, August 28, 2009


This past weekend I attended my last birth as a student. The birth itself went gorgeously, nevermind the mind-bogglingly frustrating ordeal with the lab afterwards.

Leaving my site isn't so cut and dry. It is an agonizingly slow ending, seeing people postpartum that I like well enough and all, but at 20 dollars per round trip (usually to see just one family per trip because there are so few left) and with no compensation, it's getting old, particularly since I'm having to do some pretty financially stupid shit to keep the bills paid.

It is weird not to be pushing myself constantly. To arrive at that place I've been "almost" at for months now. Where I'm off call and life doesn't take quite as much planning.

Time to start up my own business, kind of. I'm not licensed yet, and can't accept insurance yet, not until I've got all my papers pushed and credentialing done. It never ends, truly; I'm sure it will hardly feel like I'm licensed when I'll have to start renew my credentials for the next year.

Website design, business cards, practicalities of sole proprietorship, here we come.