Friday, May 22, 2009

Jumping the Hoops

The check to the Department of Health did not bounce, thanks to a very-appreciated infusion of cash from my parents. <3 I love you Mom and Dad! Your little note made me feel so good it's hanging above my dresser for a bit, too.

I got the graduation invitations in the mail today, so they'll be heading out to all my peeps tomorrow. Some of them will get hand delivered, as there is a serious lack of notice issue going on here (grad is in just 3 weeks!).

The house has been hit with some sort of mini plague that seems to mainly involve annoying coughing and really pissy children. They'll get over it eventually, I'm sure.

I've been attempting to wrap up the senior paper, to move that off my checklist; this endeavor has been only semi-successful, since I don't really want to think about it anymore and since sunlight and gardening beckon. If only I could write the damn thing with my subconscious while I did more interesting things with the rest of my brain. That would be some serious multitasking right there.

Despite the fact that I'm approaching graduation, my to-do list grows paradoxically longer. Argh.

The stars aligned and births happened in their time last week, and this week we rest, or so it seems. Since there is someone in dates, I'm not technically off call. But it felt good to have the board relatively clear.

Just one birth this week, and not as a student; I watched a good friend catch her own baby. It was the most amazing birth I've ever attended, and not just because she was my friend. Much love to her and to her baby, as they babymoon now.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Thankful for friends who watch my kids on little/no notice.

Thankful for grandparents who spoiled Boyness yesterday :).

Thankful for two births far away on the same day, saving me many hours of driving.

Thankful for sunshine on my patio, growing tomatoes, and happy children running amok in their pjs in the early afternoon.