Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Part one of the senior clinical exams was yesterday. I'm certain I passed 1 station, would be stunned if I didn't pass a second, and am really unsure about a third. It is normal at this school to fail at least one station, because they are extraordinarily picky. I would LIKE not to fail any of it at all, which does sometimes happen, but am somewhat resigned to having to take at least one section of this thing again.

I was finished with my round of harrassment by a bit after noon, so I went to meet up with the rest of the family, and we did the Christmas Tree thing. We went to a massive tree farm and drove around, found the kind of tree we wanted, walked around, found the exact tree we wanted (Boyness had very reasoned arguements about the tree he picked out...it had to be "tall because our ceiling is tall, maybe as tall as Daddy can reach, and then it can't be too bushy because if there's too much stuff you can't see the lights on the inside and the ornaments are hard to hang up..."). He kept vetoing his sisters' picks over such criteria.

At the tree farm:

Found it!

Erm, what a *loving* brother you have there, Bittyprincess:

Same tree, in our living room!

Oooh, decorations:

Anyway, the tree is home and in our living room. Much egg nog was consumed. A new tree stand was required, due to parts gone missing in the move. Many new scratches appear on my hands, although surprisingly not as many as last year. The tree is gorgeous.

This morning I run off for a second round of senior harrassment.

And in honor of the post title: I am having huge problems summoning the motivation to write my goddamned senior paper. Anyone care to do it for me? I was already supposed to turn the thing in but I just can't seem to make progress on it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Harbor Tree Lighting

Every year, Santa comes to Gig Harbor on a fire truck. We went down this year to join in the festivities. The kids got a kick out of Santa on a fire truck (and out of him having a bit of trouble getting OFF the fire truck), there was a caroling quartet, and there were tree lights. The kids were mostly underwhelmed.

The only picture we got: