Thursday, January 18, 2007

Toddlers and Boobs and Such

My toddlerness, yes, my *gasp* over-two-ness, yes, *gasp* still nurses. Rather a lot. How much a lot? No fucking clue.

But yesterday, I was gone at school until 8pm. And apparently, she ate/drank fairly normally in the early day, but around 5pm *gave up* on me coming home soon, and drank...get this...

3/4 gallon of milk

Holy shit little girlie! THAT is some milk-drinking talent!!!

And then she didn't jump me when I came in the door! Fran told me he was about to cut her off and switch to water, because she was getting a little scary with the refills, but DAMN no. Next time I leave, I am SO buying extra milk for Toddlerness!!

Oh, and she didn't drink another SIP of milk once I'd arrived home. Ahem.

It seems like I always get these great little clues about the inner workings of my kids when I LEAVE them.