Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We had a great Christmas this year!

The stockings were great fun:

The kids LOVED their presents:

BOYNESS - can't you just, you know, make a NORMAL face?

Then we went to Nana's house, where the adults tried their best to stay awake, and the kids had yet more fun. The girls especially appreciated the dresses their Nana sewed for them (she even sewed a tag into them that said "made by NANA" - it was very cute).

The kids got to eat the gingerbread house they had made the week before (surprisingly not nasty - MIL had kept it under plastic wrap and it was pretty fake to begin with):

And yeah, he may be a goofball, but Boyness sure did have a great holiday:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lengthening Days

Solstice around here is a special event. Aside from the fact that it marks the midway point in the hell of non-light that is winter in the Pacific Northwest, solstice also marks the birthday of my youngest child, who is now three years old.

"Happy Birthday [toddlerness]!" I shouted yesterday morning, when she arose late and happy and wandered into the living room. "Mommy, I three! I can go in a kid zone now!! Can we go to IKEA?"


Anyway, we celebrated all things celebratable in one fell swoop at ~L~s house last night: a solstice party where we exchanged Christmas presents and sang happy birthday to Toddlerness (twice - once for her presents and once for her cake).

There was an ungodly volume of child, and a tad too much rum. But everyone had a great time.