Friday, October 15, 2010


We do tend to make something of a big (day-long) deal of it when we hike. But we also have this cute little spot - McCormick Creek Park - right between the Y and our house, so when we had 2.5 hours to kill we went hiking around in there:

It has just enough up and down that you can really get a workout out of it, particularly if you chose to wind around the trails instead of picking a single loop. We drive past it at least three times a week, and regularly forget it's there. Maybe it's kind of like the trail behind our house (no really, the trailhead is 1/8 mile from our house and the trail goes through the forest behind us); if it's easy to get to, it somehow seems less attractive, despite the fact that (as our pictures attest), with a few exceptions for prior logging, elevation, and proximity to the coast, if-you've-seen-one-forest-you've-seen-them-all seems to apply here in Western Washington.