Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zits, Hormones, Tanner Stages, Oh My!

Yesterday Girliness packed her own bags to head off to camp, with only minimal guidance from me. She reads by herself at night, up in her bed, increasingly complex little novelettes.

And yes, she now stands solidly in the preteen hormone storm.

Complete with one heck of a zit on her chin. And yes, she is suitably horrified. Horrified, and willing to wash her face thrice daily with acetone nail polish remover (yuck) if that is what it would take...luckily, we're starting with a simple soap and some witch hazel toner.

Not a TON of body changes yet, but she's definitely getting a slightly scarier grown-up-ier look about her.

Hormonal highs and lows r us, lately. Not in any kind of pathological way. In that way that makes all great parents sigh "my baby is growing UP!" when they throw a huge hour-long temper tantrum because *gasp* they are asked to put away their clean shirts.

Boyness is picking up the slack by acting perfect. I don't know what possessed him but he can keep doing it. He even mastered the art of *knocking* on my door when it is closed, a task that just a week ago seemed beyond his 7-year-old comprehension. His mental development may finally have caught up with his bulk! Oh happy day! How long do we have in this reprieve before the preteen hormones claim another victim in my household, turning my boy into a raving lunatic?


Or so I'm told ;). I haven't seen the document yet. But I had a pretty uneventful (aside from a few dirty looks) exit interview today, and turned in the last little bits and pieces of my paperwork. I had to leave a birth to do it, which is something I've never done before, and that sucked. I may or may not have been really standoffish at that birth with the knowledge that I might wind up waving goodbye before the birth was done. If that was my intention, it was my subconscious that made it so.

Also this morning, I missed dropping girliness off to camp.

Tomorrow, a little clinic, and time in the afternoon to visit friends.