Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Life Craziness

My parents came to visit this weekend, which was great. The kids really enjoyed it. And my house is WAY cleaner. I have some photos somewhere. Figuring out where all my photos are and archiving them is on my to-do list, in a fairly low priority position...which means I may get to it sometime when I'm procrastinating doing something more important.

Like writing my senior paper...the rough draft is due Dec 4, which is impossibly close. I was going to do some of it over this past weekend, but I had two births and then my parents came to visit. Urgh.

I have a lot of school work catchup and oh-shit-I'm-falling-behind to take care of. And the clinical exams, fuck...we keep doing study sessions for these and sitting around practicing saying "we pretty much know what we're doing, why are we still feeling so unprepared?"

The kids did Thanksgiving themed art projects with my parents yesterday. It's a little absurd how much you love those crazy hand-shaped turkey feathers with "things I'm thankful for" written on them when it is your own children doing the project. BittyPrincess is thankful for "Tutu and Papa, Birds, Trees, My House, Cereal, Pink, and I'm a Big Girl." Boyness and Girliness are thankful for similarly predictable things. Oh, the mushy lows parenting has taken me to.