Friday, July 20, 2007

Ala Moana in the Morning

So the kids went to bed early last night and woke up early (5:45) this morning. We baked some muffins and bought some snacks at the neighborhood store, and were at the beach by 8:30. Toddlerness took a nap on the beach right away, and the older kids played themselves silly - they probably would have stayed there as long as we let them, but we left around noon. The kids rediscovered the wonder of spam musubi, apple bananas, shave ice, and taco poke. Girliness and I are sunburnt - Boyness and Toddlerness seem to have escaped. Girliness and Boyness are both rashing up something fierce and we're not sure why - hopefully we can figure it out and stop it, because the rashes seem to feel really "raw" and they hurt. Green goo rocks, but they're washing it off almost as fast as I can put it on. Back in the pool with Uncle Marty now, actually.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

In Hawaii!

We survived our plane ride to Hawaii with only one toddler tantrum (over having to sit with the seatbelt on during descent). Both Girliness and Boyness had to sit "by themselves" (sandwiched between unfamiliar people a row behind myself and my father, respectively. They did just dandy.

So we spent the better part of the afternoon reaquainting ourselves with Papa's pool.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So Much for That...

I've got a lovely sore throat today, and toddlerness is sounding a tad hoarse. Fuckness.

I am taking a doula client, unless things fail to work out. My first since school started. Birth center birth. Revising the contracts now, actually. I was using the DONA ones before and I actually don't like them very much.

Went hiking with my dad yesterday. Lovely trail, 3.5ish miles, kids did great. Carried a sleeping toddlerness the last mile or so though. Yeah, in my arms. Not so great. The kids had a wonderful time. Forgot the camera, which sucks even more than the usual forget-the-camera situation because 1) we rarely see my dad and 2) I just resolved to take more photos, since we only have like a dozen from last month and for us that is pathetic.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Had Visitors Today

We had a brief drop-in from Aimee and family. Her family is lovely, her children are wonderful, and everyone was happy and got along. Seriously. It was great to see Aimee and she looks happy and healthy :).

My dad is coming in tomorrow and the house is in a state of near-total messness, aside from the kid craft/art/desk/whatever area that I reorganized a couple days ago. Ah, well. We are off to Hawaii sometime next week, for a bit of time with the family. And lots and lots of pictures and happy childhood memories for the kids, I hope. Send us some happy not-getting-sick vibes, since we've had stomach ailments in sequence each time we've visited and would like very much not to keep up the pattern.