Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So Much for That...

I've got a lovely sore throat today, and toddlerness is sounding a tad hoarse. Fuckness.

I am taking a doula client, unless things fail to work out. My first since school started. Birth center birth. Revising the contracts now, actually. I was using the DONA ones before and I actually don't like them very much.

Went hiking with my dad yesterday. Lovely trail, 3.5ish miles, kids did great. Carried a sleeping toddlerness the last mile or so though. Yeah, in my arms. Not so great. The kids had a wonderful time. Forgot the camera, which sucks even more than the usual forget-the-camera situation because 1) we rarely see my dad and 2) I just resolved to take more photos, since we only have like a dozen from last month and for us that is pathetic.


Marie said...

Sounds fun. Hope u feel better for your trip

~L~ said...


i misses you already