Saturday, January 03, 2009

Found my Camera! Christmas pics!

Well, we were snowed in - and others snowed in at their respective places - so BittyPrincess turned 4 with just our family and a little homemade heart-shaped cake. She was ever so thrilled, so I guess the fact that we had to cancel the BittyPrincess Birthday Solstice Superparty didn't hit her so very hard. I think our friends - snowed in for a week or more - were harder hit than the birthday girl was. I can't believe how big she's getting, how fast.

Girliness made her a snowman, and Boyness grilled her some salmon burgers:

Our Christmas went off without a hitch. It was nearly perfect. Despite the fact that we didn't bring out nearly all of our decorations (in particular, we only lighted the patio and we definitely had enough lights to have done up our front yard), the effect was lovely and very happy-making for us.

Christmas morning happiness:

A few days later, Girliness was picked up by my dad and they flew together back to Hawaii, where she is having a solo visit for a week. She's my independent one and I'm certain that she's fine. Building memories, having fun, probably missing her mom and dad only a little bit, enjoying lots of attention from her grandparents and aunt and uncles.

On Monday, I dive back into four days a week of clinic, 9-7. I learned this holiday season that it takes me approximately two weeks of normal life to recover completely from a big burnout. I am ready to go again. Not eager...but ready. I am wanting to be done working on other peoples' terms already. I know I'm not quite ready for that yet - so off I go. The practice moved recently and I hope the new location is better. *Sigh* I can do that. 1 month down, 8 to go.