Saturday, October 20, 2007

End of Soccer Season

Becca's last game of the season. I swore I blogged about this before but couldn't find it. Her last game was on the 10th, and she's already looking forward to next season and begging me to find her an indoor soccer league to play with.

Boyness...You Payin' Attention or What?

I SWEAR we discussed the surgery before. Not even kidding, he didn't remember. We were in Fred Meyer buying silicone earplugs (so that he can go back to swimming lessons the week after surgery), and he was TOTALLY COMPLETELY CLUELESS. I SWEAR we talked about it. He seemed to be paying attention.


This would be why kids cannot give informed consent, duh.

Anyway, we RE-discussed it right in the middle of Fred Meyer because he looked upset, and he just got MORE and MORE upset (which hadn't happened the first time we talked about it). It took a good long 10 minutes of freak-out to get out of him that his real worry was that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep so they could fix his ears. Once I let him know that the medicine they would give him before the surgery would MAKE him fall asleep, he didn't have to worry about that, he was FINE.

Alrighty then, Boyness. Please, for the love of all that is sanity-retaining for your mother, do not forget we had THIS conversation.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Many Little Things at Once

It isn't like we've been horribly exciting in all that un-posted time.

We went to Fright Night, and had a ton of fun with ShadyViolet and clan (her blog is "it and me" on my sidebar). I don't think we took any pictures, but the kids certainly had a blast. So did I. Fran and I were pondering as we got into the car - you know, we could have not gone on any rides at all (Fran only went on the ferris wheel, actually) and still had fun just watching the kids have a blast. Are we parents now or what? I remember being a kid and not understanding how parents could do that, how they could possibly be happy or be having fun without getting on all the rides themselves. So strange to just kind of realize that evening that that's where we were.

We went to the Woodland Park Zoo, and had a ton of fun with ~L~ and littles. We missed Zoomazium (the kid zone) because of the earlier winter closing hours, but the kids loved it anyway. ~L~ is supposed to have pictures over on her blog (Osgiliath is Overrun) but she hasn't gotten around to it yet.

I had a shitload of classwork and lost track of other human beings for a week-ish. And then my dryer did its thing and I had even more work. And then I went to ~L~s house and hung out and did laundry. While all of the kids played. Together. Without fighting. It was like someone the universe. Somewhere, something has spun terribly out of balance. Maybe it was all in the cars. Yeah, cars. Fran's is having "I don't reaaaaally wanna start, you'll have to maaaaaake me" kinds of issues, and ~L~s threw a full-on tantrum in her driveway (refused to start). I left Girliness there for the night, and Fran and Boyness had a BOY MOVIE night (TMNT? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well, Boyness was happy).

Today, we went to the Community Center in Federal Way - tell me again why they didn't have that thing when we lived there? - and the kids had a BLAST in the different pools and playthings and waterslides. We ate food at Saimin Says and left the two big'uns with MIL to stay the night and go do some special stuff at the Symphony tomorrow.

Her royal high-maintenanceness is hangin' on the couch, sitting on her daddy's lap and watching the "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch" movie.

On the way home, we stopped at Blockbuster. She wanted to rent a Barbie movie.

And she wanted to get a hot chocolate at Starbucks and go shopping. At the clothes store.

Where in the hell did this child COME FROM? Are you SURE she's mine?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Husband Turns 30

Well, today is Fran's 30th birthday. This is strange. I dunno, I still consider us pretty young, and the fact that my husband has left his 20s feels really strange to me. I still remember telling people that I was 24 and a parent of two and having jaws drop. Somehow, being 28 and the parent of 3 is no longer spectacular. And being 30 and having 3 kids is certainly not. It is a strange feeling to no longer identify as a young parent. It is even stranger that it is my husband's birthday that drove this home for *me*.

He also started his new job today. Which is interesting. It seems like things happen to him around his birthday that alter the direction of his life in a good way. We were actually wondering about this when he took a job in April. Having this job land on him, with a start date on his birthday, is a coincidence that we've seen bear good fruit too often in the past to dismiss. We shall see.