Monday, October 15, 2007

Husband Turns 30

Well, today is Fran's 30th birthday. This is strange. I dunno, I still consider us pretty young, and the fact that my husband has left his 20s feels really strange to me. I still remember telling people that I was 24 and a parent of two and having jaws drop. Somehow, being 28 and the parent of 3 is no longer spectacular. And being 30 and having 3 kids is certainly not. It is a strange feeling to no longer identify as a young parent. It is even stranger that it is my husband's birthday that drove this home for *me*.

He also started his new job today. Which is interesting. It seems like things happen to him around his birthday that alter the direction of his life in a good way. We were actually wondering about this when he took a job in April. Having this job land on him, with a start date on his birthday, is a coincidence that we've seen bear good fruit too often in the past to dismiss. We shall see.


~L~ said...

:) :) :)

*d* said...

Fingers crossed for the new job! Ehh,'s the new 20. ;)