Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, I'm not really a homebody. I think I'm gone more than I'm here, for the most part. But we haven't left the house a whole lot in a few days. Why would we? In between "do nothing" days (which honestly are anything but), we had friends over on Sunday.

Today, Boyness and I spent several hours harvesting the wild overgrowth around us. A portion of the returns (about 1/4 of what we packed up today), in our uber-high-tech drying bags and ready for placement:

As we started to get ready to go inside, we had some visitors:

They're so nice, it almost makes you forget that they're the buggers that eat everything in your garden.


Boyness found the one and only strawberry to escape the deer, so of course he got to eat it. He said it was good.

We followed the deer down the driveway, trying to be quiet on bare feet, but the little one was pretty unsettled by us, so once they'd gone around the bend we let them be.