Saturday, August 11, 2007


I've been semi-obsessed today with turning favorite photos black-and-white and seeing the results. A few random ones (click on them, please, I like them much better full-screen than in these little boxes):

Thursday, August 09, 2007


So while I was busy obsessing over Girliness growing up, look what Boyness went and did!

No, no big accidents or fistfights here - pure all-natural loss of a primary tooth. *Sigh* big Boyness.

In other news, he was violently ill last night for reasons unknown. Painted the top of the bunk (and blankets and pillows and face and hair and clothing get the idea, but I'm serious about him hitting the bunk above him) in rice and salmon. OMG it was so gross. I'm usually pretty good at cleaning this stuff without losing it, but I had a seriously difficult time of it last night. He proceeded to empty his stomach completely over the course of the next hour and a half or so (thankfully, these episodes took place with the aid of a bowl and the involvment of his daddy instead of me) before passing out again. This morning, he woke up completely normal and happy and all that crap, so I remain clueless as to what happened. Clueless *and tired.* And still not done with all the barf-covered laundry.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So Girliness is getting big. Growth spurting. Looking pre-teenish a tad early, but I see it there.

And she made dinner tonight. *sigh* my big Girliness. Put it in bowls and brought it out to everyone and didn't even act like it was extraordinary - in fact, she just kind of *did* it without announcing it or anything. Girliness has never been super interested in cooking or place-setting or even in food - sure she enjoys it but she's always been really casual about it with no passionate likes or dislikes. She's never really been a tea party and play kitchen kinda kid. So this feels like the very grown-up action of taking care of dinner, particularly with this whole attitude of no-big-deal she's got going. I'm trying to communicate that this feels different and mature even though it is nothing extraordinary for someone her age to be able to make and place a meal, and it isn't coming out right. And I'm probably just reading more into it than I should simply because I'm feeling happy/sad about her growing out of her little-girl looks.