Friday, June 20, 2008

So Close...

I'm so close to the end of quarter I can smell it. One more assignment. One more test. And then I'm done with Junior year.

I still have 2/3 of my practicum requirements ahead of me. Ouch.

Interviewing next week to do some labor assisting (read - extra) work with a midwife that is technically in Lewis County. Contemplating (like calling rental agencies) a move to Gig Harbor. And yes, both my current (in Seattle) and probable future preceptors (Olympia) are ok with that. I'm not sure what the future holds in terms of moving to my next really full-time placement (Olympia), since I've all but set a date for starting but I'm still uneasy about fitting well with the practice. All of this takes mental energy that I don't have right now.

Since this time last week, I discovered that it was indeed possible to put 1000 miles on a car in a week without going on a road trip. I saw someone with her arm in a uterus up past her elbow...we called 911, but by the time the medics arrived the placenta had finally delivered, we'd cleaned up, and the baby was nursing. I saw two amazing women give birth to big hunks of babies in their homes and lay down in their own beds to hurse, happy happy happy.

I am somewhat eager to see a third, for whom I've developed a strange liking almost despite myself. It is odd how you feel more attached to some women than others. And I know that it is true in reverse; there are a few women who have specifically asked for me in labor, and others that couldn't care less whether I was there.

Somewhere in this full time unpaid midwifery student work out of home madness, I need to finish the quarter in the next few days. It will be nice to put away the binders for a few weeks. Almost forever. This was the last quarter of the rather intense Midwifery Care courses, and next year I'll see a far lighter didactic load. So close.