Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, it took half of February, too, but things are looking better :). Our financial picture is far from rosy, but I can breathe a little and I promise not to whine about it anymore. Fran got a tip-off from an acquaintance working at Best Buy, and we treated ourselves to an extraordinarily cheap new computer (seriously, I couldn't have purchased something secondhand and lame for less), because we really wanted one that actually worked. And it does! Back online, baby!!! Him running across the parking lot and buying it immediately felt REALLY impulsive, even though we did fight our internetophile natures and sit around for 4 weeks waiting for something to fall out of the sky at us. Boyness' joy at being able to play his Lego games again was so much fun to bask in that I let him at the computer practically before I'd checked it out. I've never seen the child so grateful for some game time, and I hope that lasts. My joy at being able to load my discussion boards and watch Hulu is I'm speechless. In real life it doesn't take a lot to render me speechless, but if I can't even figure out how to TYPE my level of relief...yeah, it's amazing. Am I an internet addict or WHAT?

In the meantime, my pregnancy is puttering along all semi-supervised like. Benefits of hiring a friend and classmate to be your midwife and all...100% access to your midwife + being a midwife yourself = not bothering to have official visits quite so regularly. Baby-of-unidentified gender is happily driving me nuts in there, now about 31 weeks along. I figure I've got two months, almost exactly, to get ready. So far, so good; low-ish weight gain, but the baby already feels humongous and I'm certainly not measuring behind any.

I went into a brief hypernesting mode after our house got broken into, which I think was more about reestablishing my territory than about actually nesting, because it has calmed WAY down and I can actually sit in the corner and read for a couple of hours without starting to stress out about whether my closet looks OK if it's left open or if there are pine needles in the hallway again. I am sure my family will laugh at that, because I was absolutely disgusting as a teenager and not all that much better for the first few years of having my own household. I've only kept an acceptably clean house in the last year and a half or so. My daughters are as incapable of keeping a clean room as I once was. My son, however, is as aggressively organized as I am now, and doesn't even need guidance to get himself there. It's a bit of a role reversal, that; Boyness doing way more cleaning work than his sisters because he just does it faster and knocks out 3 or 4 jobs while they're still whining about how hhaaaaaarrrrrddd it is to sort through the clothing on their bedroom floor. It seems like I hear from most families that the girls wind up doing more chores than the boys for that exact reason.

Thus ends my ramble for the day. I shall attempt to update more often, although I can't promise anything terribly interesting, since my days seem to be full of the sort of standard "life" stuff that usually doesn't even interest me enough to write about it. It's hard to remember sometimes that as uneventful as this all seems (my life as it is now), this is life that's happening to me, as much as it was life happening to me when I was driving around like a crazy person and spending my days doing challenging work in clinic and/or holding lives in my hands.