Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby's First Road Rash

Here it is:

Girliness was carrying Chubble down the front stairs on the way to the van, and took a tumble. Chubble sustained minor damage to forehead and eyebrow. Girliness essentially unharmed.

Back to our regularly scheduled (um, or not) activities...

This week we checked out the Cushman Trail through Gig Harbor. It's not particularly scenic, but it's a paved trail with some fairly long (one of them 1.5 miles) stretches that don't intersect with any streets. This will be great for the kids to do on bikes, and it's not far from our house - except for a too-big uphill, we could almost ride from here. We did one section of the trail, 5 miles. That's about all I'm up for with the baby strapped on my front.

It was overcast but didn't rain on us; we liked that idea, except that the kids forgot to water their plants ALL WEEK last week and some of them died. Ugh.

We had better weather luck for our picnic dinner at Sehmel Homestead Park the next day:

And at the zoo the next day: