Thursday, September 02, 2010

Twanoh State Park

We officially LOVE this place. There are nice facilities, it's in a GREAT location, and it has a nice 2.5 mile loop hike that was pleasant and nearly deserted, but well kept.

A brief babywearing discussion: I'm still trying to figure out how on earth to get Chubble into a back carry without dropping or strangling her or dislocating my own shoulders. Even with help it's really awkward:

But she loves it once she's set up, and it's much more comfortable for me to carry her on my back than it is on my front:

The loop hike starts off with some nice little bridges over a creek:

We walked along the creek bank for a while, before heading higher up and over several contributing branches, as creek dissipated-in-reverse.

Girliness and I dressed alike by accident:

BIG tree!

BittyPrincess found a stick and a pine cone that she fastidiously kept hold of through the whole hike. I asked her what was so special about that particular pine cone, and she said it was big. Hmmmmm.

Fran tried to capture the pine cone magic (BittyPrincess approves this photo of her special pine cone):

Girliness spent a restroom break looking decidedly pre-teen-y:

We passed a happy two hours playing at the beach and picnic grounds after our hike:

We will definitely be going back to this spot. This will probably be a good winter hike, because the trail is easily defined and we have cell signal (just in case) the entire route. And because the park has a covered and mostly-enclosed picnic site with a GIANT fireplace and cooking stoves, which will be handy in cooler weather (keep in mind that in WA this means 40s, not sub-freezing).

Oh, and I finished reading Drums of Autumn...I LOVE this book.

Morning and Evening

Or in this case, evening and morning; somehow it didn't seem right to title it backwards like that.

It's a lovely time of year in the Pacific Northwest. We haven't quite hit Fall yet, but the days are shortening just a tad, so that we have time to eat dinner at the beach and if we leave as the shadows lengthen and the sun threatens to dip behind the mountains, we still have time to bathe before bedtime.

We seem to have used up those mornings warm enough to sit outside at 8am, though. We did get one last breakfast on the deck in:

Gratuitous Chubble photo: