Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday is Fun-Day

Or something like that. Our schedule now works out where Fran and I are both off work (though I'm not off call) on Mondays, so it is our "do something" day.

Yesterday, we packed the back of the van with bikes and headed off to Point Defiance, a spot that has a lot more going for it than biking (which we didn't really get pictures of).

First the rose gardens. All of the kids love the rose gardens. Even Boyness, who despite the numerous scowls in the pictures, sighed and said "I love this place" just before we left.

We met friends at a playground, and then broke up into groups. I took the girls on a longer bike ride, pulling BittyPrincess behind me. The rest of the group stayed behind and got their bike on near the picnic tables:

And then went into the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum. Boyness proved his usefulness by grinding some coffee beans:

And I hear that they all got off (more than a little) on the trading post stuff:

It was a gorgeous day yesterday.