Friday, December 07, 2007

Last Night

I went to my first birth as a student midwife! Whoohooooo! Beautiful water birth of a beautiful boy. Ah, the wonderfulness.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Boyness is SIX!

Happy Birthday Boyness! Here is the story I wrote right after his birth, and rereading it I'm wondering about potential inaccuracies...but I'll leave it as it is.

Deciding what we were going to do for his birthday was a bit of a fiasco. For a month, Boyness has proclaimed a desire to go to Red Robin for his birthday - which would be an our-family-only party. As we were finalizing that plan a couple of days ago, he changed his mind. Friends at the Science Center!! Drat, too expensive. Friends at the Zoo! Drat, snow/heavy rain forecast. In the end, all Boyness wanted for his birthday was fries and bacon. So out came the fryer, and Boyness had himself some fries and bacon. And was a very happy Boyness.

And now he's six. The first of my kids to kick over to the next year. Toddlerness will follow soon, and then Girliness, and then I'll have 3, 6, and 8 year olds on my hands, which somehow sounds very different indeed from the 2, 5, 7 year I am just finishing surviving.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Filling In the Blanks

Because I've left a lot of people who have participated in my life lately out of my blog.

We made the rounds for Thanksgiving, big-time. Which makes sense for us, because that is what we are most thankful for - these connections we have to our families and friends. So on Thanksgiving we went to MILs for the standard spread:

On Friday we grazed leftovers at ~L~s while the kids ran in and out of the house in full-play mode:

On Saturday we hung at the D (itandme) and had yet another re-Thanksgiving! The boys treated us to crazy stories, too!

We stayed the night, went to ~L~s, watched her kids for a couple of hours, goofed off with her for a couple hours, slept over, and flipped on into onsite week.

I have some pretty decent pictures of our placenta lab, but not everyone wants to see that (classmates of mine, I'll email them out).

I ate too much sugar and broke out big-time. I cried more often than is customary for me, but had a pretty low-stress week after all. On Friday I came home and for the first time, did not feel the need to go into a post-onsite catatonia. I cleaned up the kitchen and desk (!) and we ran off to IKEA, which was the kids' choice of activity.

We begun our day outside yesterday (after a hearty breakfast), wrestling the lights into place and making the kids pick up random trash they'd left around the yard. Just as I was completing the light-hanging, it began to snow. What timing! We didn't get any really great pictures, but here are a couple anyway: