Sunday, December 02, 2007

Filling In the Blanks

Because I've left a lot of people who have participated in my life lately out of my blog.

We made the rounds for Thanksgiving, big-time. Which makes sense for us, because that is what we are most thankful for - these connections we have to our families and friends. So on Thanksgiving we went to MILs for the standard spread:

On Friday we grazed leftovers at ~L~s while the kids ran in and out of the house in full-play mode:

On Saturday we hung at the D (itandme) and had yet another re-Thanksgiving! The boys treated us to crazy stories, too!

We stayed the night, went to ~L~s, watched her kids for a couple of hours, goofed off with her for a couple hours, slept over, and flipped on into onsite week.

I have some pretty decent pictures of our placenta lab, but not everyone wants to see that (classmates of mine, I'll email them out).

I ate too much sugar and broke out big-time. I cried more often than is customary for me, but had a pretty low-stress week after all. On Friday I came home and for the first time, did not feel the need to go into a post-onsite catatonia. I cleaned up the kitchen and desk (!) and we ran off to IKEA, which was the kids' choice of activity.

We begun our day outside yesterday (after a hearty breakfast), wrestling the lights into place and making the kids pick up random trash they'd left around the yard. Just as I was completing the light-hanging, it began to snow. What timing! We didn't get any really great pictures, but here are a couple anyway:


Marie said...

cool snow, got more then we did. love the lights

~L~ said...

omg I love that you had JUST finished hanging lights when the snow began. That makes it even cooler!

*d* said...

SWEET! Love the pics.