Thursday, May 01, 2008

Drink your Coffee - A Scattered Post

"Mama," says BittyPrincess as we are driving, "you need to drink some coffee. So you can stop talking."

Discount Tire, or the one in Bellevue anyway, has my enthusiastic endorsement. The first time we bought tires there I wasn't sure we'd gotten the best deal in the world (I was sure it wasn't BAD...), but it turned out that the real savings comes when you trade in your old tires for new. And today, when I brought in the van for a slow leak in one tire, they found the leak and repaired the tire, rebalanced, all that fun stuff, for the awesome price of FREE. Exactly as advertised, no strings attached, no sales pushed, nothing. And they didn't even act like they were totally put out or anything.

The other day I TRIED to buy Girliness a new bike. It was a lovely bike. 18 speed, hand brakes, 24 inch wheels, a big grown-up sorta bike. We got it unassembled because I couldn't wait around at the time, and then when I got around to putting it together, there were damaged parts. FUCK. Took it back to the store and, oh, well darn, they're out of stock now. Well, that one backfired. At least I have a few extra days to hunt down a bike rack for the van, since this bike is NOT going to fit in the trunk.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Folly of Placing Pain Meds and Rubs Up High

Becomes painfully obvious once your knee is injured and you require a two-step stool to get at the aforementioned pain meds and topical creams.