Saturday, June 06, 2009

The numbers are DONE

Two births in the last two days, and my primary birth requirement is DONE.

This is a good feeling.

Technically, we have a 60 birth minimum and I'm hovering just under 120. I don't think 60 would have been enough to be competent.

I'll have a busy week next week getting my last few things checked off for school.

I have a couple of clinical requirements that remain unmet, but when I look them over, the list is mercifully short and won't be difficult to polish off.

The need to finish off the senior paper and prepare it for presentation looms large in my mind.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Still no more babies

I was hoping for an overnighter over the weekend. Tonight wouldn't be bad either.

Awaiting a couple of multips who live faaaaar (one of them about 2.5 hours straight out my door to hers) from my house. Oh so totally not excited about the driving. Give me some clients out my way and I'll be a happier student-midwife-thing.

Submitting my application to NARM soon, once I can scrape out $700 to pay the exam fees (scroll down, reference earlier rant on the ridiculousness of that fee - yes this is in addition to the state fees, which are already paid). They've got us here, pay or no license. Additionally, it needs to be in the form of a cashiers check or money order, which makes me nervous. I know NARM is legit, it's not that, it's sending a (for me) big already-taken-from-my-account check through the mail that makes me upset. I'm not understanding what all the bother is about with refusing personal checks, either, since they can always just hold their approval until the check is cleared. And I think it's easier to counterfeit a money order than it is to get a personal check through and rescind it (I did business on ebay, remember, I haven't tried any of this personally but it's aaaaaaalllllll been tried on me).

I think I'm rambling. At least I'm posting, right?

I did my first solo suturing/repair job on US soil last week. I was pleased, my preceptor was pleased, the woman was pleased, I feel really good about it. This was one of the few remaining skills on my checklist (overseas preceptors can't check you off, which I think is really inconvenient but makes sense since they didn't really look at what they were signing). The rest I probably won't actually get to do. I don't imagine I'll be manually exploring any uteri, for example, until that moment when there is no more experienced midwife present and I just need to do it. Like all the other skills before it, there will be the need and it will happen, and I'll have done it.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can't Complain

Seriously, I can't.

I have lots that I COULD complain about.

But it can't really override how happy I am to have warm weather, sunshine, visiting family, and a *very short* time until graduation.

Happy, happy, happy.

Happy, happy.


And in case you didn't notice, happy.

A great birth on Thursday night, and then straight to school for some seriously pointless class time (happy to see my classmates, though, which I always enjoy!). Pointless as it was, there was a nice walk involved, nice visiting time, and I got a few more pre-graduation things off my checklist.

I think the knowledge that all I've really got left is my senior paper is really nice. I have only two weeks to finish it (a little less, actually), but it is almost there and I'm sure it will be fine. Our topics this year are really boring, so I don't even anticipate a lot of people at the presentations.

Off to something fun today. On call as usual, but das' ok.