Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can't Complain

Seriously, I can't.

I have lots that I COULD complain about.

But it can't really override how happy I am to have warm weather, sunshine, visiting family, and a *very short* time until graduation.

Happy, happy, happy.

Happy, happy.


And in case you didn't notice, happy.

A great birth on Thursday night, and then straight to school for some seriously pointless class time (happy to see my classmates, though, which I always enjoy!). Pointless as it was, there was a nice walk involved, nice visiting time, and I got a few more pre-graduation things off my checklist.

I think the knowledge that all I've really got left is my senior paper is really nice. I have only two weeks to finish it (a little less, actually), but it is almost there and I'm sure it will be fine. Our topics this year are really boring, so I don't even anticipate a lot of people at the presentations.

Off to something fun today. On call as usual, but das' ok.

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