Thursday, March 01, 2007


Toddlerness almost stole my coffee this morning. Almost. With great stealth, she slid it off the desktop, hiding it against her chest, and then...

The urge hit! Oh, the nature of Toddler! "MY COFFEE!" she shouted.

Damn, foiled again.

But this is just another of many times that the Toddler Possessiveness has destroyed what might, otherwise, have been a perfectly toddlerific time. "MY spiderman!" Really, ya think so Toddlerness? Don't you think Tony might argue that point? And there's nothing like screaming "MY MAMA!" when Boyness hugs me to get me to hug him back...extra-long.

The older two didn't do this. I swear it. I'm told everyone does it, but they didn't. Why? Beats the fuck out of me. Obviously, since Toddlerness does it, it was no stroke of genius on our part.

I half want her to grow out of it...'cause really, there's nothing like a toddler screaming "MINE!" and running away with your textbook...and half don't. I mean, there's something cute about something so small being so adamant. And she doesn't do it to pick a fight...she just, DOES it. Like she can't help it or something. I mean, really, is there any place other than Toddler Brains where screaming "MY COFFEE" would make sense?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Life Has Been Saved by the Miracle of Vagina

Before the movie "Robots" (which was entertaining my kids while I made lunch today) there is a preview for the Garfield Movie - Garfield says "my life has been saved by the miracle of lasagna."

And my 5yo Boyness comes up with the completely out-of-left-field comment:

"Lasagna is like penis for a girl."

So I respond without thinking too much:

"Honey, lasagna is something you eat."

Oh, crap, maybe that wasn't the best way to clarify things for him...

"I mean, you eat lasagna, it is a are thinking of a girl's vagina I think. The vagina is the part for girls that is in the same place the penis is on boys."

Job go buh-bye-all-gone

So they announced today at my husband's work that the layoffs over the last month or so were just the beginning. They are pulling out of the Sound altogether. Those lucky few that still exist right now will "get" to stay on to close down the stores and receive a severance package when it is all over. They estimate that this will take less than three months.

Fran has been less than enthused about his job for quite a while now. And true, it is good to be given the time to look for a new job while being paid. But dude doesn't adjust well to this kind of change and we were stressed out...very much so...already. AND this will place his new-jobness and my practicum-starting-ness into the same time frame.

And there's the possibility that we'll end up having to make do with even less income than we have now. Which might well be impossible.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Morality My Ass

So standing around in the kitchen making pizza (a monster of a task, I need to make it totally from scratch to oblige dairy-boy) gave me the opportunity to rattle these thoughts around in my head a bit. And fume.

To whoever would take a 16yo girl's confidence and vulnerability and hold her hostage to her parents, FUCK YOU.

To the doctors who not only do not trust their clients to think for themselves, but also don't trust them to have their own morals...FUCK YOU.

You know who gets the short end of this stick, EVERY.FUCKING.TIME? Women, that's who! You don't see any MEN being denied treatment on moral grounds, that's for damn sure.

29%...TWENTY-NINE PERCENT...of doctors would have trouble referring patients to someone who could help them. Fucking asshole self-aggrandizing pompous BASTARDS!!!!! You fucking WHAT?!

You cannot...CANNOT deny a patient a treatment they need simply because YOU have trouble fitting it into your narrow, happy little world-view. And yet 14 percent - an utterly humongous, unexcusable 14% when you consider what we're talking about - wouldn't even MENTION the availability of that treatment! WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Morals come easily to those in a position of power. It's easy to say what's right and wrong without compunction when you've never been personally, directly challenged with the necessity of doing something outside your belief system.

It is funny, oh Doctor-People, how when you follow your happy comfy little morals, WE suffer.