Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Life Has Been Saved by the Miracle of Vagina

Before the movie "Robots" (which was entertaining my kids while I made lunch today) there is a preview for the Garfield Movie - Garfield says "my life has been saved by the miracle of lasagna."

And my 5yo Boyness comes up with the completely out-of-left-field comment:

"Lasagna is like penis for a girl."

So I respond without thinking too much:

"Honey, lasagna is something you eat."

Oh, crap, maybe that wasn't the best way to clarify things for him...

"I mean, you eat lasagna, it is a food...you are thinking of a girl's vagina I think. The vagina is the part for girls that is in the same place the penis is on boys."


~L~ said...

I literally had a large mouthful of wine when I read that. Holy shit.

I must really like the wine because I kept hold of it!

Go Tony. Cunni-lasagna?

Louisa said...

funny stuff. LMAO

*d* said...