Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Job go buh-bye-all-gone

So they announced today at my husband's work that the layoffs over the last month or so were just the beginning. They are pulling out of the Sound altogether. Those lucky few that still exist right now will "get" to stay on to close down the stores and receive a severance package when it is all over. They estimate that this will take less than three months.

Fran has been less than enthused about his job for quite a while now. And true, it is good to be given the time to look for a new job while being paid. But dude doesn't adjust well to this kind of change and we were stressed out...very much so...already. AND this will place his new-jobness and my practicum-starting-ness into the same time frame.

And there's the possibility that we'll end up having to make do with even less income than we have now. Which might well be impossible.



~L~ said...

fuck em. They suck anyway and F has a giant skill set.

HOW DARE THEY dangle that "management position"?????? ASSHOLES.

The only thing I can say is that they're giving giant notice. F-dude will be working at Costco in gig Harbor before you know it.

Put it out there to the universe.... you know it will happen. The Niki bubble exists.

Louisa said...

molto crappage.
highly paid management job vibes en route.

*d* said...

shitheads. at least it's a push forward and for change. i hope he finds something he likes better.

Janell said...

Wish I knew someone up there to hook you up with job wise...but will send good thoughts instead. Been there, hated it, but survived...eventually.