Saturday, February 14, 2009

In which Niki cleans her bathroom floors...finally

I have discovered that the surest route to a clean bathroom floor is a good old-fashioned toilet overflow incident.

Ah, the squeaky-cleanness.

Once the kids' bathroom floor was scourged, I of course had to do my own. Procrastination is a lovely thing so far as my housework is concerned.

I am a mush of conflicting emotions today. Irritated because the kids aren't getting along very well and keep bickering, satisfied because I have clean bathroom floors, frustrated because of a missed connection this morning, happy to be off call. It is odd that I can't shake an uncommonly high nervousness today. I think what I really need to do is stop procrastinating, worry over when I am going to pull out the LOs and start studying in earnest is not helping me in the slightest. Procrastinating, though, is so much more fun.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Of course

Of course, primip births over the weekend that my MIL, my weekend "if-I-get-called" babysitter, is out of town.

Had my first experience with a placenta that just *would not* (not after an hour, or after a crapload of drugs, or after manual removal) come out. Finally extracted a gnarly-looking most-of-a-placenta that obviously had a cotyledon missing. And off to the hospital. Luckily the 9lb babe, postterm by examination, was happy and healthy.

And I officially hate prelabor rupture of membranes when the woman is GBS positive. UGGGHHHHH. Can I officially *detest* it when she lives over an hour away, so it isn't like I can just zoom in for a dose of antibiotics and a pep talk?

I'm not feeling quite so lost at this new place now. I suppose you could say I've settled in a lot more in the past week, having done a lot more and talked a lot more with my preceptors, but I remain uncomfortable there for a variety of small reasons that aren't particularly important, but add up. I'm also not sure whether it is about a mismatch on some level or about my complete readiness to be done with this whole schooling thing. I'm not saying that I don't need more experience; I'm just saying I'm tired and ready to be done living this way.