Thursday, December 13, 2007

Visits and Pictures!

A day at the pass with Daddy while I finished up the last of the schoolwork for the quarter and vacuumed up the tree droppings:

And a quick yo-yo teaching session with Papa in the evening, after he arrived on the late flight!

We went to the zoo the next day:

Did I mention Toddlerness took right to her Papa?

And reliving some baby times...riding in daddy's jacket:

The kids were sad, as usual, to see their Papa leave. I'm missing living close to my parents.


If I ate like my preceptor - or even like how I eat on clinic days - all the time, I'd lose weight for sure.

Yesterday in the half hour that she was busy with a counseling session for someone that didn't want a student in the room, I wrote SOAP notes and reviewed charts and scarfed down the egg, two carrots, and orange I brought with me. So all yesterday I had that, coffee, and a bowl of spaghetti when I got to Neighbor's house to trade off (she watched my kids, I came back and watched hers).

Yeah, I'd lose weight for sure.

Which would be a good thing at this point.

While I love *who* I am, I am continually see pictures of myself, to look down and see chubby hands, things like that. And I fluctuate all over the place, from pants almost falling down at the moment to barely fitting just before a period. Which drives me NUTS and has to be a function of the lovely padding I've got on my midsection right now. What is funny is that there is a very accurate scale at the YMCA, and I've found that even when I'm stretching/falling out of my pants, the scale tells me I'm only about a pound off. Am I destined to be this weight? Well, that would stink, eh?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Concluding the Dryer Saga

It has been a long time - what...two months? - since my dryer gave out in semi-spectacular manner.

This weekend my dad came (more on that when I find the camera). In addition to a trip to the zoo and more eating out than we're used to, he spent a couple hours replacing the socket and the dryer plug, to no avail...the old one was definitely fried.

Craigslist to the rescue! Before he'd even left town, I'd arranged to pick up an elderly but clean and working dryer for a whole $20. That I accomplished yesterday. Only to find that the plug wasn't quite the right type. DAMNIIIIIITTTTT. Went to Home Depot to see if I could get a different socket cover (seriously, it was a tiny difference and the internal stuff in the socket would connect just fine, I just couldn't get it through the plate). But no.

So armed with some more advice from dad, I spent nearly an hour today wrestling dryers and exchanging plugs from one to the other. And finally (finally!) I have a working dryer today.

Oh my goodness, the crazy. I am not sure I've ever been so happy to have accomplished something appliance-related, though! I have a fear - probably healthy but still - of dealing with electricity. I'll mess with the washer hoses or with plumbing any day (well, any day that I HAVE to), but damn if I didn't put off that job as long as humanly possible.

Lessons? I apparently can do pretty well without a dryer for a fairly extended amount of time. I suspect it wouldn't have been a problem at all if it weren't for the humidity of PNW winters.