Thursday, November 29, 2007

Odd Childhood-ism

When I was in elementary school, a teacher summed up communism: "you are told what you will do when you grow up. You have less choice what you can buy - everyone may have to buy the same blender."

So to me, communism = everyone has the same blender.

Of course I've learned a ton since then. But it is just one of those things that comes up to remind me that we have to be careful about how we describe things to children. They might stick.


~L~ said...
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~L~ said...

ruh roh! Does this have anything to do with homosexuality?

Niki said...

Have no fear, ~L~. Your comments, similar things I've said lately to the kids, and other conversations overheard did prompt me to think about this, but you didn't fuck up the kids or anything.

Besides, the commentary wasn't one of me placing value judgement on the teacher and/or communism...I just think it is strange that I hear the word "communism" and what pops into my mind is a mental image of a bisected apartment building where everyone has the same blender.

I'm not advocating that we freeze for lack of ability to explain everything with clarity and completeness. I AM saying that what we say when the kids are standing there waiting for an answer to something they don't know is charged...should at least closely resemble something near the core of the truth. Which I think you succeeded in doing.

~L~ said...

:) Coo.

*d* said...

Comment from DH-Blender? We didn't have blenders. LOL

~L~ said...