Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, I've spent the last two...three? days being completely boring.

Three days. We barely made it out of the house on Wednesday - just got out in time to run to Blockbuster and then to Girliness' last soccer game of the season. Yesterday Toddlerness was sick, and I took her with me to an appointment in the morning and then to get some cough drops (which she likes). She had a lovely fever and alarmed the nurse at my appointment quite nicely, but by the time we went to bed she was almost fully recovered. And today we went shopping for (more) long sleeve dresses for Toddlerness and running shoes for Becca, and to Blockbuster again.

Did I mention I'm really digging this thing where I can exchange an online (mailed-to-me) movie for an in-store movie for free? I'm loving not having to order movies for Toddlerness. And yes, I put her in front of the TV a lot. I have homework to do and I can't do all of it at 3am. It won't hurt her to watch a movie a day, I swear it.

Even if she does occassionally hum theme songs while she's nursing.

I totally aced a Midwifery Care exam earlier this week. Which is a good thing, because the subject - the mechanics and physiology of labor and birth - is really important. And these exams are notoriously difficult. But since I still am not in a clinical practice, I feel like I don't really know it yet. At least I have seen a few births and do know what a few of these things look like. I suppose even when you aren't a midwife or studying to be one, if you're interested in the subject matter you just notice things like how the head turns as it comes out. So I've got the visual in there somewhere. But at this point I'm semi-itching to see some real life...anything.

I feel like my energy from earlier this month is ebbing away, and I'm hoping that is a temporary state. But for now, my house is a wreck and that isn't helping. And my dryer decided to go ahead and die on me - sparking and maybe-flaming-a-little on the way - so yeah, laundry will be a challenge until we get that one figured out. For now, since the sparking and maybe-flaming-a-little episode happened after most of the laundry was done, the main laundry challenge is folding (GOD I hate folding).

And, you guessed it, I'm up at 3:30am writing this because I have once again consumed coffee to stay lucid through my assignments, completed my assignments, and found myself totally not ready to sleep yet. Well, I kinda completed my assignments. I finished everything that is actually due tomorrow. But there are things that I *should* do, so I'm gonna go do them I think. And then try to sleep a few hours before the kids wake up. At least they've been sleeping pretty late recently.

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Marie said...

Congats on your test. HOpe u get some ahnds on soon.

Seen some Dryers on craigs list for cheep and sometimes free when peaple are moving.
If u need to do a lode feel free to come by. Love your company :)