Sunday, October 07, 2007

Zoo in Seattle Drizzle

We went to the zoo yesterday with ~L~ and her kidlets.

I LOVE, love love love, the zoo in the "winter". Nobody is there, even on the weekends. We have so few people to contend with. And it isn't like we're in snowsuits - it was still 55-60 degrees. Animals tend to be out and moving around. Even when it is "raining"...well, Seattle rain is not like the rain in Hawaii. You can stand in it for an hour and only reach the outer borders of damp (you certainly don't feel it through your clothes).

My only regret was that we didn't go early and hit up the zoomazium. Which we will probably do some time this week just to do it. I do get some good not-kids-on-me time while they're in there.

Today we are braving the drizzle again, this time down at the Wild Waves Fright Fest. The kids have been looking forward to this ever since we aquired the tickets a month ago. There are things to love about the drizzle and the rainy and the dreary. It clears out those who aren't as willing to put up with it.

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