Sunday, July 15, 2007

Had Visitors Today

We had a brief drop-in from Aimee and family. Her family is lovely, her children are wonderful, and everyone was happy and got along. Seriously. It was great to see Aimee and she looks happy and healthy :).

My dad is coming in tomorrow and the house is in a state of near-total messness, aside from the kid craft/art/desk/whatever area that I reorganized a couple days ago. Ah, well. We are off to Hawaii sometime next week, for a bit of time with the family. And lots and lots of pictures and happy childhood memories for the kids, I hope. Send us some happy not-getting-sick vibes, since we've had stomach ailments in sequence each time we've visited and would like very much not to keep up the pattern.


Marie said...

good healthy vibs coming your way. Have fun

Aimee said...

it was so great to see you on sunday...and yes, didn't the kids get along famously?!

have fun in hawaii (shaking my no-one-gets-sick charm) and post some photos!