Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh Cute Boyness

When Boyness (5yo) woke up this morning, I looked at him and thought "that kid's got some puff to his cheeks still, the cute isn't all lost." He's been a very sticks-spiderman-guns-ninjas kind of kid lately. I'd pretty much decided that the child whose plump little toddler cheeks I used to kiss relentlessly (he loved it) was grown past the age of relentless-kissability.

This morning, as he was walking around the kitchen, I heard him singing something that I couldn't quite make out. He drifted into my vicinity and upped the volume and sang:

I have an apple
It's sweet like mommy
Sweet like mommy
Love my mommy
(mumblemumblesomethingIcan'tmakeout) apple! (BIG HUG)

~L~ calls this the "meat and potatoes of the parenting gig." Those things that give us what we need back from this whole sacrificial parenting THING. Completely random and completely fulfulling.


~L~ said...

he is so damn cute

Marie said...

Now that is totaly hugable adn kissable. How cute

emjaybee said...

Oh man. If I didn't already have a child, that would make me ovulate spontaneously!

hee. My boy doesn't talk much yet, and before he was born, I wondered if a boy and I could really be all that close...if he'd like me. Now whenever he comes running up and grabs me, or grins at me, I melt.

Aimee said...

fear not, my loveliest, the boy who is loved and cuddled by his momma relentlessly will continue to want lovin from momma until an embarrassing 8.5 yo still climbs into my lap and asks me to tickle him and kiss him.

and you, you are so huggable and kissable also...grab yer boy and kiss him!